Art for No Agenda 25

Episode for Saturday April 5, 2008

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Show NotesEdit

  • Al Gore sees his shadow
  • Let's go clubbing - free wine!
  • Adam must defend his previous TV comments
  • Clocks, calendars and why the USA daylight savings time really sucks
  • John's experiences with digital cameras
  • LHR Terminal 5 - Adam talks about this marvelous new technology at Heathrow
  • Off to Moscow: SVO airport, the big door, and the band
  • Russian hotels: Oh Boy!
  • Cage Match is the place to hear No Agenda
  • John drives through Arkansas and its wine growing countryside
  • Now we're off to Amsterdam, and next stop: Nashville with Bill Gates
  • A listener calls in about Clear Channel
  • Let's get into radio and the Equal Fairness Doctrine
  • Stan Freiberg was a radio genius
  • John wants to know about Twitter??
  • Email rants, and John still "gets no spam"
  • Another caller solves a mystery!
  • The FAA fiasco - triple 7s and flapping wings
  • Adam's still going to Gitmo
  • BBC sides with the ISPs
  • The Cliff Hanger