Art for No Agenda 45

Episode for Saturday August 30, 2008

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Show NotesEdit

From the Thames to Northern Silicon Valley, it's No Agenda! First up, it's the 18th birthday party for Adam's daughter, complete with club, bouncers, free drinks and 80's theme. John will celebrate his 18th birthday soon.

John claims to have predicted Sarah Palin (Tina Fey?) as VP some months ago. And then claims Obama still has no chance to win. Adam brings up Obama's speech, the great venue and how the whole thing looked like a rock show performance. Do the Dems have the clout to elect anyone they wish? John hedges a bit by saying he thinks it could be so. Why is everyone following Karl Rove on Fox? We'd better keep an eye on Joe Biden as well. John goes back to the Kennedy years to draw some analogies. Did you see the Free Speech Zone?

Adam switches to the financial times. Have we hit the bottom yet? John claims we have, Adam says we're not even close. Will the market hit 6,000? How about Sarah Palin and all that Alaskan oil?

Newspeak: "Hey John, do you know what? Right?" Guess what? John isn't too happy with it. Well here's what Adam feels about this...

Adam delves into high-end food and the choices available in some new stores in the UK, like Marks and Spencer. John recommends Fortnum and Mason for some great packaged food and ideas.

From here it's a 180 into the worst economy in 60 years, expecting over 1,000,000 job losses. Lehman Bros. has lost over 36 years of profits in the last 18 months.

How do we get from that to alien encounters? First, would Adam feel anything in the presence of these 'beings'? Yes, the particular Pleidians with whom he has come into contact really like strawberry ice cream. They're here to help us get by these tough transitional times. Adam needs some kind of proof, they need to give him something concrete. And for that Adam has received a message that for this October 14, from Alabama, they will surface a vessel for 48 hours. John googles and finds the GFL spaceship (claimed by Blossom Goodchild) will appear over Alabama for 3 days. Well, there you go.

John swerves into the dreaded British Tourist, who, in his haste to escape the totalitarinist camera-ready society, is willing to go bonkers in foreign countries. "All they do is vomit, cross-dress and cause fights." Adam counters, "This is what happens when, as a British citizen, you're searched 3 to 4 times per week and put up with all the other atrocities that take place in the UK." He claims it's all Margeret Thatcher's work. Adam says that this was the beginning of the end, and he just may be correct.

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