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Art for No Agenda 66

Episode for January 17, 2009

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Show NotesEdit

  • Throwin' the "O" and what can your government do to you, it's time for No Agenda!
  • We're starting with wrestling, current and past; who remembers the Sheik? Who remembers the XFL?
  • Adam brings up the inauguration. Don't forget to throw the "O", the Obama salute.
  • Dexter gets a lap dance.
  • John reviews Battlestar Galactica. Hmm, a 2,000 year old Armani suit and tie.
  • The media is ready to turn its photographs into the Obama cream, red and blue motif. John has the URL.
  • German measels leads into an outbreak of rabid raccoons in the US.
  • Was the recent U.S. Air crash really caused by a flock of geese? We discuss other aspects of the crash.
  • There might be a stop to the campaign speeches. Maybe.
  • The stimulus package and tracking the dollars: oh, boy, renewable technology.
  • Adam reads some interesting quotes from the stimulus package document, and how the money is earmarked. Don't miss this.
  • On tape: Congressman Alan Grayson grills the Federal Reserve Vice Chairman.
  • Are we going down the same road as Zimbabwe? Expect the $100,000,000,000 dollar bill soon.
  • John's interesting railroad economic indicator.
  • Germany's internet to be filtered to protect the "children."
  • Man arrested for Obama assasination plot, according to Press TV. Why didn't we hear about this?
  • The world economy as a fractal.
  • Saltwater burns. John laughs.
  • Off we go into satellite, local stations and the slingbox. Who wants a Russian feed?
  • Have you got your TV converter coupon yet? What a gorgeous credit card (and govt. waste).