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Art for No Agenda 83

Episode for Wednesday March 25, 2009

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Show NotesEdit

  1. Bailouts
  2. The Israeli Connection
  3. Lighters
  4. Stuff to read/view/listen
  5. Government Drug Running
  6. Climate Change
  8. Gitmo Nation
    • Obama Speech
      • Finally TOTUS in the middle on the camera!
      • Tough time reading with ease.
      • No personality. Straight into business
      • obama1
        • 40% of all mortgages eligible for refinancing??
      • obama2
        • No more bubble and bust (Gordon Brown’s mantra)
      • Obama3
        • The end of my FIRST term. A bit presumptuous perhaps?
      • Questions
        • List or reporters to call on
        • We need more authority over business, not just banks!
        • Financial Crisis is just like a war. We all must sacrifice
        • Will you sign budget without healthcare, cap and trade and tax cut?
          • Cap and Trade sets a price on ‘pollution’ in the atmosphere
          • He did not answer the question
        • Passing on our problems to the next generation.
          • "I’m inheriting 1.3 trillion from ‘them’"
        • Why does the deficit go up?
          • Obama4
            • "Look"!
            • Duh, I dunno
            • A budget is a snapshot
            • WTF?!
        • Mexico
          • Obama5
            • Illegal arms and cash being traded for drugs, imagine that!
        • Where do you plan to find savings for defence

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