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Art for No Agenda 89

Episode for Thursday April 16, 2009

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Show NotesEdit

  1. Food
    • L’Orangerie restaurant at Villa Monte - Olhao, Portugal
      • Sir Cliff’s Vide Nova 2005 Red
      • Pumpkin Creme Soup
      • Octopus Carpaccio
      • Red Snapper
      • White Port & Tonic + Lemon
  2. Climate Change
  3. Gitmo Nation
  4. Economy
  5. Aviation
  6. Health
  7. No Agenda Stuff
    • No Agenda Wiki Entry
    • KOTNAA Certificates
      • Hi Guys,
      • While listening to your show, as usual very informative and
      • entertaining, i heard you guys discussing the KOTNAA certificate.
      • I would like to sponsor the printing of the certificates on canvas.
      • A framed version is nice but i think a certificate of this
      • importance deserves at least a 60×90cm or 1.97 x 2.95 feet frame.
      • Hope you like the idea.
      • Keep up the great work!
      • Kind regards,
      • Bastiaan de Voogt
  8. Pirates
  9. REAL News
  10. Fibre Cuts
  11. Shadow Puppet Theatre
  12. NWO

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